Our Weekend

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I am pretty sure my brain has officially called it quits for the week. I am lacking sleep, thank you time change, and focused on Hannah's upcoming birthday parties and the last minute teacher appreciation stuff they threw at me. Today I forgot about the milk in the trunk, thankfully it was still cold after 2 hours, thank you winter.

On the bright side, the weather is getting warmer and that means baseball season is on its way. With all three kids and Rob playing this year we figured it was time we started getting ready.

On Friday we were going through the equipment we had and Rob was showing me a bag he had found for Hunter when Hannah piped up:

"I need a purse to keep my tball stuff in"

So Rob and I spent date night at Sport's Authority buying him a new mitt and finding a "purse" for Hannah. Try not to be jealous of our romantic evening. We then broke our own rule and went to Walmart on a Saturday, and we took the kids with us, thankfully it wasn't that bad.

Hunter needed a new mitt and a bat, we also bought batting gloves and some more balls for the kids to practice with.

After spending a small fortune we headed to the park to try out all our new gear and start practicing.

The wind picked up when we got there, but that didn't stop the kids, or Rob. I tried to hide in the car but he forced me out so I could shag balls while he pitched to the kids.

I have been dreading the start of ball season, with three kids playing games at the same time I will be spread pretty thin, but I have to admit by the time we left the park I was a little excited for it to start too.

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  1. We love crane's, so addicting to play...and when you win...BEST DAY EVER! :)