Our Weekend

Monday, March 4, 2013

Rob took Samantha and Hunter to Blanding to help his parents with a few house projects so they can get their house up for sale*, so Hannah and I were left home alone. We decided to take full advantage and get a few things crossed off of our list.

Our first stop was to the party store. Hannah's choice this year is a purple Brave themed party, thank goodness all of the Brave decorations ended up being the right color, and they still had some in stock because they have been discontinued.

We then drove up to Salt Lake so we could go to Orson Gygi. I have been working on our house plans and was curious about different appliances and kitchen designs. After drooling over Sara's kitchen from Our Best Bites, it became a top stop on my shopping list. They were so helpful, and I left with a lot of good information, and a few fun goodies.

We stopped at the grocery store and then came home to make Green Eggs and Ham for dinner. Hannah kept reminding me all day that we were making them for dinner because it was Dr. Suess' birthday.

We are really struggling to learn her sight words and get her reading, but after a couple of tries she was reading Green Eggs and Ham like a pro. I ordered her a couple more Dr. Suess beginning books for her birthday hoping it will help get her excited about reading.

That and the threat of having to repeat kindergarten.

But anyway.....

We missed Rob, Samantha and Hunter like crazy, but it was fun to have a weekend with just my Hannah shopping and getting ready for her birthday.

*(If you know anyone in Blanding, or moving there, that is looking for a house let me know. All offers will be very seriously considered!!)

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