Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We decided a few years ago it was not worth the headache of trying to go out and fight the crowds, plus having to try and find a baby sitter, so we decided to make Valentine's Day a family holiday, and honestly I love it more this way.

The kids woke up to a fun new Valentine's shirt and a stuffed animal. (I searched everywhere for a shirt for Bubba and came up empty handed, thankfully he didn't care and really loved his red Lego Batman shirt)

They could not wait to get to school for parties and to exchange Valentine's. Samantha chose Monster High, Hunter Lego Ninjago, and Hannah Lalaloopsy.

Despite Pinterest's best effort at making me feel like a lame Mom, I stayed sane and stuck with the cheap store bought cards.

That night for dinner we had the best Chicken Alfredo, I even added some artichoke hearts and the kids didn't even notice, Samantha informed me it was her new second favorite meal.

Nothing will ever take the place of Salmon in that girl's heart.

We tried to save room because as soon as dinner was cleaned up we pulled out the chocolate fondue. We did this last year and had so much fun we decided to make it a tradition.


I hope your Valentine's day was as delicious as our was!!


  1. Cutest heart hair, and I only wish my little girl cared to have her hair done at all.

    I have been craving Fondue, seriously...thanks for making it worse. ;)

  2. Family Valentines Day IS much better, I agree!