Dear Internets,

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let's have a chat about January, shall we.

January has not been my favorite month of the year, it has been a challenge, and I feel like I have failed miserably. I started out the month with such hope for the new year, and then reality smacked me in the face HARD!!

The weather in January has been miserable, and the air has been NASTY!! I was walking with Hannah to the bus stop on Monday and the temperature was 34 degrees. She said "Mom, it is actually warm today", how sad is that. Below 10 degree temps and grey nasty skies are the worst, and I am done with them.

January was also the attack of the nasty virus that lasted FOREVER. I was so thankful to finally get that crap out of our house. Now if I could just start feeling better I would be grateful. I am walking around with a stuffed up head, and when it is not stuffed I am nauseous, lovely right. It is no fun to feel like junk, it is hard to have any motivation  and I am tired of it. Thankfully the kids were very pleasant while they endured the never ending fever and cough. There was no fighting, and they played together very well despite feeling like junk.

And then Rob went to Paris, and when you have dreamed of visiting Paris your entire life and you realize you may have missed your chance because of sick kids and not having a passport, it has the ability to make you cranky.

I also may have fallen flat on my face with my goals, some I did better than others, but it wasn't a great month. I promised myself I would go easy on myself because life happens, but I had huge hopes for this month and I feel frustrated.

So I am looking forward to putting this entire month behind me, it can only go up from here. And please tell me yes it can, because I don't think I can handle the answer being NO it is only going to get worse.

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