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Thursday, December 13, 2012

I love a good ginger cookie, in fact Gingersnaps would be at the top of my favorite cookie list. And I do love my regular recipe but I decided to do a search on Pinterest to see if I could find a recipe that makes a softer and chewier cookie. I ended up finding three, and figured I better try them all to determine which was the best Gingersnap Recipe.

The Good

These Soft Gingersnap Cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod were good, they were chewy and stayed soft over night, which is important when you live in Utah and cookies dry out fast. While they were good, they lacked the normal gingersnap taste I love, but that didn't stop me from throwing them down.

The Better

I loved these Super Soft Gingersnaps from It's a Delicious Life, they looked and tasted just like the Gingersnap cookie I love, but they were so soft, and the two that were miraculously left the next morning were still soft and chewy. They didn't last long at our house, but then again Gingersnaps never do, and I am certain this recipe will be replacing my usual recipe.

The Best

How can you make a Gingersnap better? Three words: White Chocolate Chips. These Soft Gingersnap Cookies with White Chocolate Chunks from Two Peas and Their Pod is the best Gingersnap cookie I have ever eaten. Rob is not a fan of White Chocolate (I know right?!?!?) but he loved these. And the recipe made a lot of cookies so they actually lasted a couple days, and they stayed soft and chewy the entire time.


Our next cookie adventure is my Tiny Gingerbread Men, you guys they are so good!! We are making them for neighbor gifts this year and I can't wait to share the recipe, they are amazing!!

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