Morning Prayers

Monday, November 12, 2012

This morning we gathered the kids together to read scriptures and say prayers. It was Hannah's turn to say the prayer and she asked her normal list; we would have a good day, we would all be safe, we would be kind, and then she prayed that the snow would melt and it would get warm again.

I hated to crush her little spirit with the reality that winter had just begun, so I asked why she wanted it to get warm again.

She told me that she didn't want her bare feet to be cold anymore.

I knew exactly how she felt, I hate when my feet are cold.

So we told her that there would be some warm days and some cold days but it probably wouldn't be warm enough for bare feet until April.

I then took her around the house to show her all the good places to stand where the vents are blowing out the best air to warm up her toes. I told her we could also pick out a fun pair of slippers and some thick socks that would keep her toes warm until her prayers are answered in a few months.

If this weekend's record snow falls tell us anything I think it will be a long cold winter, but as long as there is a lot of snow I will be a happy girl, I can't speak for the youngest though.

We will just have to keep the hot chocolate and warm air flowing in our house!!

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