Skeleton Bones

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A few years ago a friend of mine posted this idea she had found on Facebook, you know in the days before Pinterest, I loved the idea so much I went out and bought the supplies that day and got to work so it would be done before October 1st.

We are now in our third year of filling the pockets and it has become a very fun tradition. I love to find fun Halloween stuff like straws, pencils, stickers, and toys. Other pockets are filled with an activity like pumpkin carving, decorating cookies, Halloween movies, and the pumpkin patch. And once a week there is a pocket for a Halloween craft.

Last Wednesday we made skeletons out of the kids names, I have seen these floating around on the internet but didn't look for the real instructions, I just guessed. If we did them over again I would probably do their names in all lower case or upper case letters, and do the top of their names on the fold.

They turned out so cute, my kids and their skeletons (hahahaha), and we had a blast making them!!

I sure do love this time of year, makes me think I should do something to make the other 9 months just as special, but then I get to January and I am worn out and forget all about it until October rolls around again.

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