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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last night we carved pumpkins, today I decided to roast the pumpkin seeds, it was my first time and holy crow they are tasty. I was standing there eating them by the handful and decided I better find something else to do so there is some left for my sweet children.

I decided to blog.

Life is crazy pants busy right now, somehow I got roped into being the 1st grade room Mom. No one else would do it, which should have been a hint that it would be difficult finding parents to help with class parties. I even emailed and called telling them they didn't have to do anything but help run the game or the craft project, all the prep was done, still nothing.

Good times.

I also signed up to take the wrestling pictures, easy enough right, plus I will make enough to buy the lens I have been eyeing. Only they are doing things very different this year and it will probably take at least 3 nights to get all the teams to the same gym to have pictures done, or I will have to travel to a few different locations.

Super Awesome.

And it is almost November, and you know what that means, we will blink and it will be December. That's how this all works. So I have been planning the activities we want to do (so I can budget and do what I want to do) and starting to Christmas shop (so I can budget some more). I want everything done before Thanksgiving so I can sail on through the holiday's enjoying myself.

It will be a miracle if it happens, but we are holding out hope!!

Thankfully, I have passed enough time to keep me out of the pumpkin seeds and instead get ready to start running for the rest of the night. Gotta get the youngest ready for her Halloween party at dance class, come home get the oldest ready for her party, and then home to eat dinner before we head to wrestling practice for the night.

Is it Thursday yet? I need a nap.

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