Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hannah wanted to play our Littlest Pet Shop game so I headed out to the garage to dig it out of the game box. In my search I found this big box of puzzles I had bought before we moved almost two years ago and then packed away because there was not enough room in our house.

Hannah forgot all about the game and wanted to do puzzles instead, of course I agreed.

I have loved puzzles since I was a kid, they bring back some great memories.

My Grandma Ruby used to put a piece in her pocket so she could be the one to put the last piece in place.

My Grandma Jones always has a puzzle set up at her house and my Mom is the same way, she has a table that is just for puzzles. Her current favorite are the Eric Dowdle puzzles and I love sitting at her house and working on them with her, I think some of our best conversations happen over a good puzzle.

The last time we were at my Mom's house I was working on the puzzle she had set up and pretty soon my kids were all gathered around trying to help us put it together. It wasn't an easy puzzle but they searched the pieces and were so excited when they found one that fit.

So of course when Samantha and Hunter came home from school they joined right in on helping us put the princess puzzle Hannah had picked out together.

I am certain when we finally get into our house there will be a table set up just for puzzles.
In fact I can guarantee it!!

PS. one of my favorite tips to keep all those puzzle pieces together: put a letter, symbol, number, anything on the back of the pieces, and then also put it on the puzzle box. That way when you find the stray piece on the floor you know exactly which puzzle it matches with.

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