October 1st

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy October 1st, how did this happen so fast? Although I am in no way complaining, it is my favorite time of the year!! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, so much magic crammed in 3 short months.

This weekend I put our Halloween countdown together, bought Hannah's costume, and planned out what we are buying the kids for Christmas.

Still to do: Put together Samantha's costume, buy the last piece for Hunter's costume, pull out my decorations, plan our Halloween dinner, and get Hunter's class party in order.

One of my friends posted on Facebook that she had all of her menus and grocery lists planned out for the next three months and I decided that was a great idea, we will see if I end up with time to get that done.

Maybe I should just get October's done instead.

As for today we are cleaning the house and getting the laundry done, try not to be jealous!!

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