Picture Day

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Today was my least favorite day of school...Picture Day.

I could (and often do) complain about the outrageous prices and the killing these people are making for pictures that often look like everyone was bused through the DMV picture line.

Or all the work that goes into making sure their clothes match, their faces are clean, and their hair is properly groomed when they are dropped off at school. Then when the pictures come back, I see a child with dirt on their face and hair that looks like it has never been combed a day in their life.

But that is all part of the school picture experience.

So why do I hate this day so much? Because the Lord blessed me with two drama queens daughters.

When Samantha was in the first grade she climbed on the bus in hysterics on picture day because she hated how I had done her hair, it was ugly, and everyone was going to make fun of her.

No lie.

I later found out when she got to school her teacher commented on how cute her hair looked. She flashed her a huge smile and said "Thanks, my Mom did it for me".

I could give you a different version of this story for every year she has been in school, but you get the picture. (see what I did there)

Last night she went to bed in hysterics again because she wanted her hair "super curly" and we didn't have time for sponge curlers. In her opinion she had showered for no reason. I tried my best to not scream explain that I would help her curl it in the morning and since she took a shower the night before it would save us a bunch of time in the morning.

I braced myself for the fight that was coming this morning, but by some miracle she was thrilled with the curls in her hair and for the first time in 5 years, smiled as she walked into school for picture day.

Hannah must have figured since Samantha was not throwing a fit it was her job to provide the tears. She cried and made dramatic choking sounds the entire time I was braiding her hair for her favorite hair do.

And if that wasn't enough she threw a fit as we were walking into school because her toy had to stay home with Mom.

As for Bubba, his only request was to ride the bus to school instead of having to wait and drive with his sisters. I gave him a big hug, sent him on his way, and thanked my lucky stars I didn't have three girls.

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