Hello July

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June was a hard month, there was a lot of good too, but for the most part it was hard. I felt like I was in a slump the entire month and I just couldn't break out. I decided last night that July would be different, I would wake up in the morning and put it all behind me, July was going to be a great month!!

My morning started out a bit rough but thankfully I was able to turn it around, I think the 2 hour nap with my hubs helped. We all worked hard to clean up our mess from the weekend, ate a yummy dinner, and ended the day as a family snuggled up on the couch watching XGames.

Summer is flying by but I am excited for what we have planned for the rest of the time we have left. Softball games are winding down and the rest of our summer days will be very easy going. I plan on spending a lot of time with the kids at the pool, eating snow cones, reading some great books (or Divergent and Insurgent a few more times), and hanging out with the hubs whenever he can sneak away from work.

I feel like this is our last month of Summer, August brings all the back to school craziness, so I plan to enjoy every minute of lazy summer days we have left.

July is going to be a great month, I just know it!!

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