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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I have a confession to make, I HATE paint!! Crayons and markers are great because they are easy clean up, but paint is such a mess so I don't every buy it.

My Father in Law though is always buying it for the kids so I grudgingly let them use it once and then it usually ends up in the garbage.

He bought Samantha a set a few weeks ago and we had to put it up because I wouldn't be home to keep an eye on the mess. I hoped she would forget about it but today she asked if she could paint, she also asked if she could set up a table and paint outside.


Plus she was nice enough to let Hannah paint with her. And although they don't look thrilled they really did have fun, they are concentrating and trying to ignore me and my camera.

The mess stayed out of my house and she cleaned it all up when she was done, and because of that we actually kept this set for her to use again, as long as she cleans up after herself again.

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