Lofty Goals

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I should have known better than to start a project this month, a project where I wanted to write every day knowing I would be going to Girl's camp. Things went down hill on Saturday, the 2nd of all days, and I just couldn't catch up. I ended up running out the door early Monday morning and I was exhausted when I got home yesterday afternoon.

I spent today cleaning up the disaster also known as my house and we are working on catching up on laundry before I head back up to camp tomorrow.

I am trying to cut myself some slack about my plans not working out perfect, so far it is working, hopefully it will last. I want to keep trying though, I give up to easy sometimes, but not this time.

I also thought about taking my kids to do something today but my sweet hubs demanded I stay home, relax, and work on my never ending "to-do" list.

So here I sit in pajamas editing pictures from camp. I need to think about getting ready because Hunter has ball pictures tonight and the hubs has a softball game.

Probably don't want to show up looking like this, although it is tempting.

It has been a great day, probably boring and mundane to most, but I loved the peaceful, normal routine of it all.

And we are disaster free so far.

Knock on Wood!!

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