Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today I found myself thinking back on the last 30 years but especially the last few years and all that we have over come. We were blessed to survive many rounds of layoffs, we were able to find a new job in Utah, sell our house in Kansas, and just recently move out of our tiny twin home into a home that fits us perfectly until we are ready to buy a house of our own.

To say things are great would be an understatement, every problem I have worried about in the last 4 years has been resolved and I thought about how blessed we are. On top of all that I have three beautiful children and the greatest husband a girl could ask for. "My thirty's are going to be my best years yet", I thought.

And just like that it hit me: here I am thinking life is so great and all of the problems I worried about have been resolved, but I know the minute I think things are getting better something will happen that will turn my world upside down so I should probably brace myself now. "Don't let your guard down", I told myself.

My breathing became shallow, it felt like something was squeezing my chest, I was having a panic attack.

I did the only thing I could and knelt down to pray for help.

The answer came: Everything will be OK, your challenge right now is to help your daughter, you need to strengthen your relationship, you need to be the best Mom you can to her right now, she needs you.

I immediately felt better, I knew what I was supposed to do.

So I am starting my 30's with a resolve to try my best every day, to stay close to the Lord and listen to the promptings of the spirit. Not only listen but act!! I need his guidance to be the Mom she needs me to be, the Mom they all need me to be to help them reach their potential.

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