Motherhood Right Now

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today in church my three kids walked to the front of the chapel to join the other primary children who were singing to their Mother's. The song was short, very sweet, and I found myself crying. I hoped no one would notice my tears, but my heart was so full of love for those three babies of mine and it had nowhere to escape but through my eyes.

I feel so blessed to be their Mom, to have the privilege and responsibility to teach them and guide them in their lives. I only hope I can be enough for them and that they will know how much I love them.

I wanted to give them a picture of what Motherhood is like for me right now, and I thought Mother's day was a great day to do it.

Dear Children,

Long gone are the days of staying home all day, there is usually something that needs to be done or somewhere one of you needs to be. I am working on being organized and on top of things so we can fit our meals at home, it is a little to easy to grab something on the run, but not so healthy.

The school year is almost over and this was the first year all three of you are in school, Samantha and Hunter five days a week, and Hannah on Tuesday's and Thursday's. On Thursday's I volunteer in your classes which leaves Tuesday's to myself, although they were usually jam packed with errands to get done.

I do sneak in some Mommy time early in the mornings, I love waking up at 5:30 and heading to my exercise classes. They give me so much energy for the day, they help me to feel great, and I find it easier to stay motivated to accomplish my huge "to do" list.

You have to be to school by 9 so we try and read scriptures together, get all the morning chores done, and make it out of the door on time. We usually do pretty well but I am looking forward to the more laid back mornings during summer break.

The girls just finished dance class, Samantha has started playing softball, and Hunter will soon start T-Ball. Our evenings for the next little while will be spent at the ball fields, which I love!!

I am also serving in the Young Women's at church, a calling I have always wanted and love so much. The youth in our congregation are amazing and they make me want to be a better Mom hoping you will turn out to be amazing teenagers just like them.

I know I have a long way to go and I need to work on consistency in saying our prayers, reading our scriptures, and having family home evening. I am trying but will continue to try a little bit harder.

I especially cherish the moments when we are all together hiking, camping, having picnics in the mountains, and the occasional movie. We are finally in a house with a back yard and I love sitting outside watching you play, if we are home you are usually in the back yard playing. Daisey loves having you back there too.

Our life is good, and I am very blessed to have you three in my life.

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