Happy 30th Birthday to Me!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Today I am turning 30, entering a brand new decade of my life, and right now I am:

Starting: this blog, Hollah!!

Watching: Once Upon a Time, seriously my favorite show. All of the Fairy Tales stuck in our world and Snow White’s daughter is trying to save them all, only she doesn’t know that’s who she is. LOVE!!

Drinking: Diet Coke, and lots of it. I am going to start drinking more water.

Wearing: Cardigans, I love them. I am hoping to be a bit more thoughtful about my current wardrobe, after all I am 30 now.

Eating: Lots of protein. I am trying so hard to lose the baby weight I gained in my 20’s and after getting stuck I am trying a new strategy

Listening: to Adele on Pandora, I can’t get enough it is my favorite station.

Avoiding: Unpacking the last few boxes from our move. I want to set up an office and I need to go through the boxes of craft stuff I have a do a major purge.

Wishing: I had a British accent, really I just wish I could use fun words like boot (trunk) and rubbish (garbage), but I have always loved a good British accent.

Feeling: Hopeful, things are starting to look up and I am happy with how things have worked out.

Missing: My friend Jackie, we moved to Utah and she moved to Virginia and we are so far apart. I haven’t found that friend here and I am sure it is my fault, I have a hard time letting people in.

Thankful: we finally moved out of the twin home, this house is not where I want to stay for good, but for now I am happy and content right where we are.

Craving: This little watermelon that is on my counter. Rob went carb free last week and I promised to wait and share it with him.

Wondering: What my 30’s will have in store for me, here I am entering a new decade, I am excited but also a little nervous.

Praying: For direction on how to help my children grow their testimonies and make good decisions in life.

Needing: A desk, this would probably help me with my motivation to unpack, I just don’t know where to put everything.

Thinking: I should not have picked at all the cookies and ice cream we used to make my birthday cake.

Dreaming: Of getting settled into this house and making it our home.

Loving: My family, I am so happy being Mom and Wife there is nowhere else I want to be.

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