Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We had the best couple of days celebrating Valentine's day. We have decided holiday's are always so much more fun when we get to celebrate them with our sidekicks.

This year we had a Valentines themed Family Home Evening. We started with heart shaped french toast for dinner. We also talked about how important it is to show each other lots of love, I had cut out paper hearts and we wrote what we loved about each other on them and then hung them on their bedroom doors. For dessert we decorated heart shaped sugar cookies. I think next year we will all draw a name and decorate a cookie for that person to help us spread the love.

The sidekicks were so excited for their Valentine's parties, but no one was more excited than Hannah, she was counting down the days until her party and couldn't wait to show me all the Valentine's she received.

That night we had a red and pink dinner, we haven't done this in a a couple years and I was excited to really get the tradition going again. We ate spaghetti, pink heart shaped biscuits, and red jello.

We also decided to start a new tradition and have chocolate fondue for dessert, this was such a hit and I am excited to add it to our Valentine's Day dinner. 

When we were out shopping for our fondue goodies we found a dragon fruit and thought it would be fun to try, it was okay but didn't have much flavor, but at least we can say we have eaten a dragon fruit.

I have to admit that although I didn't get around to doing the big ideas in my head I think this was the perfect day. I love that we are starting traditions that work for us and we all love.

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