Spelling Bee

Friday, February 10, 2012

(please excuse the horrible cell phone pics, I have no excuse for not having my camera)

Last week Samantha qualified for the school spelling bee, there were 2 students chosen from each of the classes in grades 3rd - 6th. Samantha competed against all of them and did so well. We didn't know what to expect and so we only studied the 3rd and 4th grade words thinking she would only be competing against the other 3rd graders.

The first round the words came off the 3rd grade list, the 2nd round was off the 4th grade list, the 3rd round off the 5th grade list, and then everything after that was off the 6th grade list.


Samantha got out in the 3rd round, her word was quarrel and when I texted Rob to tell him what word she got out on I couldn't even spell it (which is not surprising because I am a horrible speller).  She is determined to win next year and she is so smart I don't doubt for a second she could do it.

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