Grandpa Selman's Funeral

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday morning Rob and I drove to Montana for his Grandpa's funeral, my parents took our kids to spend the weekend at their house and we were so grateful because it made the trip so much easier. Poor Rob had started running a fever Friday morning and it continued throughout the weekend so he was pretty miserable. It was strange being just the two of us, it was the longest we have left our kids, but we enjoyed being together and the quiet car ride.

The funeral service was beautiful, I only met Rob's Grandpa a couple times but I wish the kids and I would have known him better. He was a very hard worker and I am grateful that work ethic has been passed to Rob and it is something we hope to pass down to our kids.

Funeral's have a way of making me look at my life and the life I want to leave behind. I hope I can say at the end of my life that I worked hard and I enjoyed every day I was given with my family.

I talked to Rob a lot about how I hope we are the couple who grow old together and then die within minutes of each other, I don't want to think about living without him, he informed me when we get old he is planning on us trying out a few extreme sports.

Sunday we drove from Superior to St. George to pick up our kids who had the best weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. We drove home Monday and crashed on our bed. Rob is finally starting to feel better, I am feeling a little better, and poor Hunter has a mixture of Rob's fever and my cough, poor guy.

We all keep asking if it is Friday yet, we are looking forward to a very relaxing and uneventful weekend to catch up on our sleep.

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