Weekend in Blanding

Monday, January 16, 2012

Right now we are driving home, we spent the long weekend in Blanding.  Rob, who never stops working hard for our family, came down to earn some extra money and we tagged along.  I went back and forth about if we should come, but in the end we decided it was more important to be together as a family so we packed up the car and off we went.  I am so glad we tagged along, we didn't have to spend a weekend without Rob, and we enjoyed a few fun activities in the nice warm weather.

The sidekicks spent every spare minute they could outside playing with Daisey, trying to find all the cats, and jumping on the trampoline.  It is our goal to be in a house with a back yard by this summer so we can finally own a trampoline of our own, bring our dog back home, and maybe get a cat.

Saturday morning we hiked into Indian ruins, it was one of the biggest we have seen.  The sidekicks named it the castle and had so much fun exploring it.  I hauled my camera all the way in hoping for some awesome pictures only to get there and realize I didn't bring the memory card.  Thank goodness for a cell phone with a camera so I could take some pictures.

Saturday night we headed down to Bluff for the Glow In, we loved seeing all the hot air balloons light up the night sky.  One of the balloon pilots asked Samantha if she wanted to try lighting the torch.  I am sad the picture didn't turn out better, I thought she would be lit up once the flame started, but she stayed in the dark.

It was a great weekend, I felt bad Rob was working the entire time and couldn't join us, but I am also so very thankful for all he does for us.

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