Christmas Programs 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hunter had his first Christmas program the Tuesday before Christmas, he was so excited all day and kept asking what time it was so he wouldn't be late.  In the program he held up a light bulb for the first song and also had a speaking part (Christmas is presents under the tree).  The program was so cute and all the kindergartners did awesome!! (and I sat on the wrong side, I forgot to ask where he would be)

Samantha also had a Christmas program Wednesday morning during school.  She has been going to choir twice a week before school for the last few months.  She loves to sing and I was so happy she has a chance to do it at school.

I really wish I could get video to work on my computer, one day, but believe me when I say they both did awesome!! (and I have video to prove it, just can't get to it)

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