2011 Year in Review

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back on 2011 I can see it was a year of high's and low's, but a year of growing and figuring out where we want to go.  I am looking forward to 2012, we have a plan, we know what direction we want to go in, and we are ready to get there.  I am grateful for all we learned in 2011, grateful for all of the fun we were able to have, grateful for all of the time we got to spend with family and friends, and grateful for the many blessings in our lives.  Rob and I talked the other night about how much fun we have had this year, and how many fun opportunities we had.  So despite how challenging it was at times, we should think about how blessed we were to be able to have so many adventures together this year.

So here they all are, boy it was a busy year.  We are all excited to see what 2012 holds!!


After 5 years of living in Kansas, we were finally back home in Utah
Sledding at Jolley's Ranch
Weekend trip to Beaver for more sledding


Samantha turning 8 and getting baptized
Weekend trip full of ice skating and potato guns


Spending a day on the waterfront in Seattle
While not the happiest time I was grateful I could go to my Grandpa's funeral in Washington
Hannah's 4th birthday (and her birthday party)
St. Patrick's Day
Lots of 4 Wheeler riding Here and HERE


An unexpected snow day
Hunter learning to ride without training wheels
Spending spring break at Grandma Davidson's in St. George (and getting our craft on)
Jones Cousin Egg Hunt
Easter in Blanding


Samantha's opera at school
Mother's Day Weekend
Selling our house in Kansas (and getting to spend the weekend in St. George)
School Carnival, Hot dogs, and Smores
Fishing at Joe's Reservoir


Going to the zoo with Aunt Hydi and Grandma
Our first camping trip of the year (and a trip to the lake)
My Sister in Law's baptism
The story of our summer: Reunions, BBQ's, and Parades
Ethen's 8th Birthday Party
A free weekend to just go riding (plus a Friday ride because we had so much fun the weekend before)
A family trip to Temple Square
Sunday dinner in the mountains


Ethen's Baptism
4th of July parade (our first big parade)
Samantha's Pinkwood Derby
Lehman Caves
Hunter learning how to ride a motorcycle
Hiking the Y
Hiking into Stewart Falls


Alex and Kaitlyn's Wedding
Outdoor Cooking
Hiking into the Hot Pots
Tubing the Provo River
First day of School (Samantha and Hunter)
Mirror Lake


Labor Day weekend (including a baby blessing)
Hannah's first day of Preschool
Peach Days (and another baby blessing)
Time out for Women with my Mom, Grandma and Sister Hydi
General Relief Society Broadcast (in the conference center!!)


Cascade Springs
Strawberry Reservior
Elk Hunting
Apple Picking
Pumpkin Walk


Hunter's first wrestling match
Austin's 5th Birthday Party
Hunter's wrestling tournament
Grandismas (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)


Festival of Tree's
Our Christmas tree (attempt 1, attempt 2, decorated)
Festival of Lights
Lights on Temple Square
Hunter and Samantha's Christmas programs
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Fake Sledding in Cedar City

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