Pumpkin Walk

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Every year in North Logan they hold the Pumpkin Walk, it was one of my favorite fall activities when we used to live there and I was so excited to take the sidekicks back this year.  Samantha was 2, Hunter was only 3 months, and little Hannah was not even born the last time we went.  Seriously where did all that time go?  Anyway, they didn't remember anything and when I tried to explain to Hannah that they make scenes out of pumpkins she asked "why do they do that?", I told her to wait and see.  Of course once she got there she loved it.

It used to be small and we figured if we went on Thursday night it wouldn't be crowded, only it has grown and they now bus you in.  The sidekicks all loved riding the bus although I am not a big fan, I couldn't see out was getting sick. The poor little girl next to me kept a close eye on me after I told Matt I may throw up.

But despite the HUGE line of people, and the bus ride (only the ride back was bad), the pumpkin walk was just as awesome as I remember it being.

Despicable Me was one of the kids favorites, there other favorites were Tangled, Perry the Platypus (Phineus and Ferb), and the Zombies.

I loved this Winnie the Pooh scene especially the Tigger. The Bambi scene was also a favorite.

And of course the sidekicks had to stick their head through every picture hole available, I have a couple of Hunter as a princess that I will save for when he is older.

It was a cold night so we headed to Village Inn for Pie and Hot Chocolate, YUMMY!!

The Pumpkin Walk is free (which might be one of the best parts) the scenes are all donated by different groups in the community, and it only runs the weekend before Halloween.
But if you are around Logan next year I recommend checking it out!!

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