Ode to September

Friday, September 2, 2011

(Fall Leaves in Logan ~ 2005)

September is one of my favorite months of the year, and so far it has proved why.  After 8 months I feel like we have a plan, no more trying to sell a house and get things payed off, instead we have a plan for moving forward from here and it feels great!!

September also brings fall, my absolute favorite season of the year. I asked Rob last night how soon I can start cooking with pumpkin, he told me he better start working out more and I promised to only make pumpkin cheese cake when we were going to Katie's so we could all have a piece and Nase could eat the rest.

Mother Nature also seems in a cheery mood and flipped a switch on the 1st, we are enjoying very cool nights and crisp mornings and the forecast shows that is not changing anytime soon.  Not to mention the glorious 80 degree temperatures during the day.

My Cougars start their games tomorrow, after 10 LONG months game day is finally here and I am so excited.  And just because I love Rob I will mention the Aggie's also have their first game tomorrow.  I can appreciate a good USU game, just like I can appreciate a good Utah game, just not when they are playing my Cougars!!

Also all our favorite shows finally return to TV, plus some new ones that look promising, but we are most excited for this one.

School is in full swing and we are getting into a routine, I think this has also helped my mood, and with school in session I have more time for projects.  I have started making my list and have completed a few things for Samantha's room already.

We are also making our "Fall To Do" list, I have lots of things in mind but I also loved this list from Mormon Mommy Blogs.  The sidekicks have already picked out costumes and we have started our hunt for the perfect pumpkin patch.

But do you know what I am most anticipating...changing leaves and Sunday drives in the mountain.  It has been five years and I can not wait to soak up the sites and smells Utah has to offer this time of year.

Hello fall, sometimes I wish you could stay forever!!

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