The Hot Pots

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last Saturday we had planned an adventure, an adventure we had attempted back when it was snowing, and an adventure we knew would require a very early start.  The alarm sounded at 6:00, thankfully not 5:30 like originally planned, and I wanted to turn it off.  Somehow I pulled myself out of bed and got dressed, Rob promised me a nap and a breakfast burrito so I had some motivation.  Hannah came bouncing into our room with a huge grin to announce that she was "so tired", I laughed because her excitement, despite being tired, was infectious.

We loaded into the cars (Grandma Bonnie was in town and came hiking with us), stopped for a breakfast burrito, and drove to the trail head.  By this point Hannah's excitement was wearing off but she was a trooper and hiked most of the 2 1/2 miles into the hot pots.

I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't this, it was GORGEOUS!!  The sidekicks were so excited and immediately jumped in.  The water was the perfect temperature and there was no one else around.
After a while a few people hiked through, a couple ladies stopped and one put her hand in then said to the other "oh that's why", haha yep we are not just crazy people who swim in cold streams early in the morning.

Grandma Bonnie volunteered to stay with the kids so Rob and I could hike up a bit farther to the waterfall, we didn't go all the way up the fall but there is another group of hot pots up there to swim in.

Once we had our fill of swimming, and more and more hikers started coming in, we decided it was time to hike out.  All of the kids were so tired but they were troopers.  Hannah couldn't handle it anymore and Rob volunteered to give her a shoulder ride but she was even to tired for that.
(PS this may be one of my favorite pictures of Rob)
We made it back to the cars, said goodbye to Grandma Bonnie since she was heading home, and went back home for lunch and naps.  But one things for sure, this adventure was worth dealing with being a bit tired!!

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