August Randomness

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It is August 4th people, is anyone else baffled we are already in August?  The oldest 2 sidekicks are registered for school, and Hannah will register for preschool in a little over a week.  Only 2 weeks until school starts so we started school shopping yesterday, no supplies this year only clothes.  Rob and I are super stoked about not having a huge list of required supplies for each sidekick, but Samantha was a little disappointed.  I told her I am sure we can buy her a few things and she will have more money to spend on clothes.  Have I mentioned how much my 8 year old LOVES clothes.

Other notable things happening around here:

* I am off to see the dermatologist today, I have tried everything to figure out why my skin hates me and is constantly covered with 2-3 HUGE painful blemishes, so I am resorting to the DR.
Hoping they will be able to give me an easy fix, haha.

* Sunday I was released from my nursery calling and am now the Young Women's secretary.  I have always wanted to be in Young Women's so I am super excited, but I am going to miss spending my Sunday's playing with the little kids.

* I taught my kids how to fold their own laundry, genius I tell you!!  They were already putting all their clothes away but this cuts WAY down on my laundry folding.
I separate it into their own baskets and they have to fold and put it away.

*On top of laundry they are also unloading and loading the dishwasher, clearing off the table, and washing counters.  Along with other jobs around the house from wiping down the bathroom to dusting.  

* For their efforts they can earn money and are eager saving for the toys they want.
The girls are saving for Monster High dolls and Hunter loves his Transformers.
I am enjoying telling them to save their money when they ask for things, along with a cleaner house.

* For as clean as my house is we still get a lot of bugs, GROSS!!  The worst was last night when Hunter found an earwig in his potatoes, we still can't figure out how it got in there.
Yep we all lost our appetite pretty quick and decided we deserved a treat for having to see that.

* Reason #3,486 I hate renting, you never know who lived here before and once you have certain bugs (ants and earwigs) it is VERY difficult (and expensive) to remove them.
If we owned or were staying her longer I would pay the money, but not going to happen in this place.

*McDonald's has Smurf toys, I LOVE the Smurfs.  We took the kids to get lunch and Hunter was disappointed his toy "doesn't do anything".  They are now living on my desk and I am resisting the urge to find an excuse to get more McDonald's happy meals.

* I have been pinning fall outfits like crazy on Pinterest, the great thing about it being August is that it is almost fall, and I LOVE fall!!

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