The Pinkwood Derby

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It all started with one of the activity day leaders daughter attending the pinewood derby with her Dad who was judging, she noticed all the fun the boys got to have and it quickly grew to an idea for the girls to have their own pinewood derby. Just like that the Pinkwood derby was born.  Samantha was so excited and Rob was excited to learn there were not any rules.  Together they carved the car and weighed it down with melted lead from Rob's duck weights, it was HEAVY!!  All that was left was the decorating, Samantha had a very specific idea of what she wanted, turquoise and very sparkly.  With a little help from the cricut her car was deemed perfect and ready for the races that night.

Samantha's car was the winner of her heat and got to move onto the winners heat.

Samantha was the winner of the final heat and won the fastest car.  She had so much fun and is looking forward to next year.  Hunter is now counting down the days until he is 8 and can make his own and Hannah is wanting a derby car for Christmas.

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