Hello July

Friday, July 1, 2011

July, the much anticipated beginning of our lazy days of summer.  June was filled with swim lessons for all 3 kids, for 4 weeks, Monday through Thursday.  We also had Samantha's coach pitch games and Hunter's t-ball games Tuesday through Thursday.  Not to mention 4 very fun filled and very busy weekends.  At this point we are all kind of tired, and admittedly a little bit cranky.  But really we enjoyed every minute, it is nice to be busy, but it is also nice to slow down and just enjoy being together.  The sidekicks loved swim lessons and had a blast playing ball, although it felt redundant to me a few times, letting the sidekicks pursue their interests is worth every minute sitting at the stuffy swimming pool and at all those (sometimes hot, and a few times cold) ball games.

One of my favorite moments from this ball season was during Samantha's game: the ball was hit a pop fly and Samantha caught it, she turned around and threw it to first base without a pause.  Of course she got a double play but didn't even know what she had done until the coaches told them.  We have had many conversations about knowing where the out is every time someone is up to bat, she doesn't even hesitate now when she gets the ball, she just turns and throws where she is supposed to.  We are excited to see what happens when she joins the competitive leagues next year.

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