About Me

Here's the low down:

* I am lucky enough to be the wife to my best friend who does not believe in sitting still. He is always taking us out on some crazy adventure, which is why we lovingly refer to him as Captain Adventure.

* We have three incredibly adorable kids, they are our world, and we love spending time together.

* My favorite color is yellow, the color of happiness!!

* I am a home body, I love a good stormy day when we can all cuddle inside with some fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate, reading a good book or watch movies.

* I love food, bread and cheese specifically, and I have a wicked sweet tooth.

* I love to work out, mainly so I can eat, which I love to do.

* I LOATHE running and you will never ever hear me say my goal is to run a marathon, or a half marathon.

* I LOVE taking pictures, it is a way for me to freeze this short time in life before my kids become adults.

* I dream of becoming a successful business woman complete with a corner office and spectacular view.

* Rob and I spent two summers living in Homer Alaska while he was in school, we may live in Utah, but Homer has our hearts and we can't wait to take our kids back there one of these summers.

* I am a Mormon. I know it. I live it. And I LOVE it!!

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